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This topic is one of my favorite ones, almost every day I am being asked “How come your prices are so much lower than the big franchises?” and I am explaining that because I am independent and do not need to pay the franchise, I am able to invest in quality glass and have the glass you need, in stock.

Before you decide to take your car to Speedy glass or Apple glass or any of the other auto glass companies, I am asking that you take a few minutes more to talk with me and let me show you to the best prices and great service. Many of my customers call the various franchise and independent auto glass shops in their locations to get quotes for the repair or replacement of their auto glass or sunroof.

They later call Autoglass-Mississauga and provide a copy of that quote. The specialists at Autoglass Mississauga will work hard and fast to improve the quote with a lower price using only quality glass. A detailed explanation is provided to the customer in order to not only compare the price but also the parts used. The importance of windshield repair is well promoted in the auto glass industry, we see good awareness to the safety issues of cracked windshield and people are now taking advantage of the low prices and auto glass insurance to have the glass fixed many times before there is an actual need to replace the glass.


Our specialists and service staff will assist you in researching your windshield repair or autoglass replacement needs. We work with your insurance company directly and we pay up to 100% your auto glass insurance deductible. Is your glass cracked, chipped or broken not only that it is very unsafe to ride with your windshield in that condition, but the reality of the matter is that most of the time we will be able to apply an inexpensive repair and fix your glass without replacing it if you come early, but if you wait too long, we may need to replace the glass for your safety. With over 15 million windshields replaced annually in North America the knowledge of this science is no longer exclusive to specific chains. Autoglass Mississauga is very experienced and have mastered the science and technologies and is capable of providing the highest level of consulting before you make a decision.

Mobile and 24/7 emergency auto glass repair service also available in Mississauga, Vaughan, Milton, Georgetown, Etobicoke, Toronto, Oakville, Hamilton, Burlington and most of the GTA. Mobile and emergency auto glass services are delivered to your home or work, it is available 24 hours a day and by providing the make and model of the car we will bring from our inventory the matching glass so you do not need to wait.

Lifetime Warranty – We are 100% confident in the quality of our work and professionalism of our auto glass specialists so we offer you a Lifetime Warranty on auto glass leakage and workmanship.

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